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Vote on Parking Protected Bike Lanes

Parking Protected Bike lanes are in trouble. Senator Langerholc needs to sunshine HB 140 tonight, May 24, in order for it to get a vote tomorrow, May 25.

Can you make a call into his office today asking him to schedule the bill for a committee vote tomorrow?

Harrisburg office #: (717) 787-5400

State your name, where you live and why you’re calling

  • HB140 provides PennDOT with the ability to design life saving bike lanes and plazas that protect bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists on state roads. These types of protected lanes have a proven track record of decreasing crashes and decreasing speeds without impacting travel times or parking.

  • Please bring up HB140 for a vote this week and vote YES on HB140!

Thank you so much for your support and if you can, please share this information with your networks!

We believe bicycling should be a safe and fun way to get around for anyone in Greater Philadelphia. Bike riders of all stripes are part of our movement to promote this healthy and sustainable way of getting around. Thanks for being part of our community.

Take action NOW to ask the members of the Senate Transportation Committee and Senate Leadership to schedule the bill for a committee vote ASAP.

In April, safety advocates across the Commonwealth sent over 1000 emails into the Senate Transportation Committee asking for a vote on HB140, but no vote was taken. Now we need you to raise your voice again and demand a committee vote in the last three days of May.

After waiting for 12 long months, the Senate Transportation Committee held a hearing April 4th on the bill that would allow parking protected bike lanes in Pennsylvania (HB140). The Bicycle Coalition and Bike Pittsburgh have been advocating for this bill since the legislation was first introduced in 2018. The PA House passed the bill unanimously in March 2021 after it was introduced in January 2021 by Representative David Maloney for the third time.

The Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony from the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia & Bike Pittsburgh, Indiana County Planning Commission, City of Pittsburgh, PennDOT, and an individual cyclist. However, no vote was taken.

It’s up to Senator Wayne Langerholc, Senator Marty Flynn and the Committee to schedule the bill for a vote. If approved by the Senate Transportation Committee, the bill will then advance to the floor.

Take action NOW to ask the members of the Senate Transportation Committee and Senate leadership to schedule the bill for a committee vote. There are only three session days left in May! A few minutes of your time will help send the message to those Senators that MAY is the month to vote on HB140.

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