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About Us

To foster, promote, and develop cooperation, good fellowship, and neighborliness among all persons living, working, or interested in this neighborhood; to coordinate efforts to solve neighborhood problems; and to enhance the civic and general welfare of this community.



CoPresidents: Elyana Tarlow & Frank Allegra

Vice President:

Treasurer: Elyana Tarlow

Recording Secretary:  Carol Kalin

Corresponding Secretary: Frank Allegra

Membership Secretary:  Frank Allegra

2022-2023 Board 

Gregorio Cojulun, Jr.

Maria Luisa Delgado

Angela Dowd-Burton

Jerene Good

Victoria Harris

Bobbi Jaffe

Lynette Jenkins

Howard Lowell

Jonas Maciunas

Nani Manion

Marie Nahikian-Seymour

Sheila Mayne

Christopher Mejia-Smith

Antoine Robinson
Hazel Singleton

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