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Be vigilant about someone trying to cut down trees on 47th Street!

A GCCA Member contacted us about her overhearing two men on 47th Street early this morning (May 27th) talking about cutting down trees on 47th Street between Pine and Spruce Streets. Although she could not hear their entire conversation because of the traffic noise, she said that she heard the men say that they would bypass whomever they needed to get permission to cut down the trees (that would be Parks and Recreation Department) because it would take weeks or months. She said that they said that they would simply cut down the trees, and then deny any knowledge of it.

We have alerted Council Member Jamie Gauthier’s office and ask you to let us know if you have seen or heard anything in the past, or see or hear anything in the future, about trees on 47th Street.

My personal cell number is (215) 519 9350.

With regards from Co-President Elyana Tarlow,

Frank Allegra, Co-President GCCA


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