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Update on Curio Theatre at 48th and Baltimore Avenue bringing back live Performances.

The Fundraising efforts to enable Curio Theatre to rent a safe HVAC system in these COVID times have been so successful - through grants and individual donations from people like you to the Mary Allegra Spotlight Fund - that now Curio is trying to raise enough money instead to purchase a system to use year round for plays and for Curiositeens! They are close to their goal!

You can help bring LIVE theater back year round!!

You can receive free gifts!


Please click the Button below:

And after you click the button to get to Curio's page,

be sure to check out gift choices at

"Click to get back to Gift levels" at the bottom of that page.

Mary was President, Treasurer, and Chair of the Progressive dinner. A Little Free Library Box and solar lamp post were dedicated at her home in her memory in a ceremony last month.

This past Halloween, GCCA was given children's Halloween books for trick-or-treaters to take from the box. 25 books were gone by 6:30 PM! The 14 foot fire-breathing, two headed dragon - shown below - insured that each child did not take too much candy!


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