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Garden Court Community Association is looking for new Board Members!!

No, seriously we are looking for new Board Members. Term is 3 years long, with an option to run for a second 3-year term. Elections are in June. Be one of 25 Board Members. Expected to attend meetings the first Monday of each month, typically, 7:30-9:00 PM, on Zoom, until we can meet in person. Expected to attend Members Annual Meeting in June with speakers and be involved with at least one committee. When Covid-19 is over, expected to participate in semi-annual General Membership Potluck Dinners with speakers and Annual Progressive Dinner. Come up with ideas, give feedback to other people's ideas, roll up sleeves and work. Unlike some other organizations, GCCA does not expect its Board Members to make annual donations. Just maintain the $10-$15 annual membership fee. (Of course, if a Board Member would like to make a special donation, as some have, GCCA will not decline it.)

Nominate someone you know. Nominate yourself! Contact: with names and their contact info, or if you have any questions. We are currently revising our prospective board members form. We will send the form to the names that you submit. .


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