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Cancelled: June 8th GCCA Zoning Meeting

We hope that everybody enjoyed Porchfest this past weekend. In light of no pending agenda items and the unofficial start of summer, Garden Court Community Association's regularly scheduled Zoning and Development Committee meeting at 8pm on Wednesday, June 8th is CANCELLED. The committee's next scheduled meeting is on July 13th.

There is only one brief updated related to ongoing projects of signifiance. As neighbors have almost certainly noticed, staging for construction of the addition to the Garden Court Plaza at 4701 Pine Street has begun on the 47th Street side of the property, where primary access to the site will occur. Neighbors have raised concerns that street trees may be cut down, but as of this blog post, there is no indication of that happening, and the project owner has told GCCA explicitly that they will not be cutting down street trees. If neighbors see evidence of street trees being cut, please email and contact our councilperson's office.

Get involved.

As always, our meetings are public and open for anyone to attend; if you are interested in receiving email updates from the Zoning Committee, or are interested in joining when there is an opening, please email - not yet a GCCA member? Join here! Our geographic boundaries are 45th Street, Cedar Avenue, 52nd Street, and Locust.



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