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February 2018 Zoning Update

This month, the Garden Court Community Association Zoning Committee met to discuss a zoning application for 4625 Larchwood Avenue. The owners of the property, a single family home, would like to erect a rear deck, similar to other homes on the same block. Their proposed deck was initially refused by the Department of Licenses and Inspections because the current zoning specifies that decks must be constructed so that all vertical support elements are located a minimum distance of 18 inches from all lot lines, whereas the proposed deck vertical support is located on the lot line.

Leading up to Wednesday's zoning meeting, correspondence was received by the zoning committee from nearby neighbors, including the adjoining property owner. All expressed support for the project. Given this support, the similarity to other homes on the block, and the fact that the code as written would render their driveway unusable, the GCCA zoning committee supports this project and their variance request. A letter will be written to the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) from GCCA Zoning expressing this support, which will be entered into the record at the next ZBA hearing in March.

The GCCA Zoning Committee greatly appreciates the input of those near neighbors most directly impacted by the project.

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