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Are you frustrated with the amount of garbage floating around the neighborhood? Garden Court Community Association is taking action through a new group called "Garden Court Trash Talk". Our mission is to inform, advocate, and inspire everyone to pick up trash.  In addition to planning trash meetups, we will be advocates for additional trash cans and clean up services. 


We must rise above the ever growing trash problem and take to the streets!

The group can be found on Instagram at gcca_trashtalk and by email at

Our first trash cleanup event will be held on Saturday April 6 at 10am, Spruce Street from 47th to 50th. The tentative plan is to meet at 47th and Spruce and clean Spruce St to Barkan Park. We also hope to discuss people's ideas about the future of the group. Bring a trash grabber, gloves, and a few strong bags if you can.  If you are interested in attending, please email us at


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