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Improvements at the GCCA Community Garden and Tennis Courts

Davin Sheaffer was hired to install six rain barrels for a water collection system.

A closer look at the water collection system

Last year was challenging for the community garden at 47th and Spruce Streets. We had new construction to the north which made some areas more shady. At the same time, the water pump broke and is very expensive to fix. After 35 years of being a vital community resource was the garden going to be so compromised that we would not be able to enjoy home grown tomatoes?  We will be able to grow greens in the shadiest plots, but we are not sure about tomatoes.


One of the GCCA gardeners put a lot of time and energy into getting a permit to use a fire hydrant for water. We also assembled 6 rain barrels to store water. A water catchment pavilion is being constructed to capture rainwater. When we are getting some rain we can capture water passively. When it gets hot and dry we can fill the barrels with water from the hydrant.


One of the goals of the garden is to involve the community more. This year we plan to donate produce and herbs to a local food cupboard. Plans for educational programs and sharing plants and vegetables to the neighborhood are being formed. Watch for updates.



SAVE THE DATE: April 6, starting at 10:00 AM!!

Native plants and pollinator garden installation in front of the Tennis courts,

47th & Spruce Streets

Meanwhile, efforts have been continuing to establish a native plants and pollinator garden in front of the tennis courts. After several years of trying to remove invasive weeds and vines, the ground is ready. The National Wildlife Federation will be donating some plants in April. We are hoping to secure another grant to complete planting the area. As the garden begins to thrive, we will be able to develop programs about the benefits of native plants, as well as the insects and birds that they will attract. 


If you are interested in joining the garden (there is a waitlist) or helping with the tennis court garden you can go to the tab for the Garden or to the tab for Tennis on this website.


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