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New Little Free Library Boxes in Malcolm X Park!!

Check out the new Little Free Library Boxes in the Malcolm X Park playground area near 52nd Street between Osage Avenue and Addison Street.

The one on the left - for children's books - is dedicated to Mr. Gregory Pac Cojulun, President of Malcolm X Park for many years. His portrait is by the celebrated artist: Ayinde Kwaku Purnell. (He played in Malcolm X Park as a child.)

The one on the right - for non-children's books - is dedicated to Mr. Robert Christian: founder, publisher, and editor of the former community free newspaper, the University City Review.

Donate books. Take books. If it is more convenient for you, you can donate books to the Little Free Library Boxes at Malcolm X Park by leaving them on the porch at 4603 Cedar Avenue.

Claudia Christian, Co-Editor of the University City Review donated the boxes.  Garden Court Community Association (GCCA) initiated the project and provided the sweat equity for restoring the boxes.  The Friends of Malcolm X Park provided valuable ideas and feedback.  GCCA provided the funding for the artwork, the building of the concrete base, and the installation of the boxes. 


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