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March 8th GCCA Zoning Meeting

Garden Court Community Association has a regularly scheduled Zoning and Development Committee meeting at 8pm on Wednesday, March 8th. We are meeting virtually, via Zoom; log-in detail are at the bottom of this post.

Meeting Agenda:

  • 1. Zoning cases: None

  • 2. Report: any status updates for ongoing projects of significance

  • 3. Report: September Garden Court real estate activity - permits issued, home sales, and apartment rentals - no report this month

  • Public Comment

  • Committee Working Session (closed)

  • Next Meeting: April 12th, 2022

1. Zoning Cases: None this month

2. Significant project updates

GCCA zoning is trying to keep tabs on some of the larger scale developments underway in the neighborhood so that we provide our community with neutral, fact-based information about what's happening. From time to time, we may invite developers to provide a community update and answer questions.

4701 Pine Street - no major update

(220 apartments in a 6-story addition over the garage adjacent to the Garden Court Plaza). Construction has begun. A crane has been on site and steel framing are beginning to rise over the garage. Site access is principally taking place on 47th Street.

4746-4748 Spruce Street - no major update

(12-story building - six stories on the east end - with commercial space on the first and second floors, 170 residential units, 28 vehicular parking spaces, 76 bicycle parking spaces, and an off-street loading dock; through the Low Income Housing Bonus, the proposal includes a $1.8M payment toward the Housing Trust Fund). The project was permitted by-right. After the required community meeting (hosted by GCCA in May) as part of Civic Design Review, the CDR hearing was held on August 2nd at which the advisory panel voted to conclude the process. It is expected that the developer will soon apply for building permits.

3. October Garden Court real estate activity report

RCOs like GCCA are called upon to discuss development proposals requiring variances or civic design review, but those represent a small fraction of real estate activity in any month. In the interest of staying informed of the bigger picture, GCCA Zoning is putting together a monthly report of permits issued (including by-right zoning), homes sales, and apartment rentals in the neighborhood. This is being posted here so neighbors get information without needing to attend the meeting. Trends are shown and discussed on a quarterly basis. Special thanks to committee member, Chris Mejia-Smith for pulling together this information from a variety of sources. NO REPORT THIS MONTH

Details for Joining the Meeting:

Time:  March 8th, 2023 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

or dial in to: +1-646-558-8656 or +1-301-715-8592 additional numbers at: Meeting ID: 919 7912 4404 Passcode: GCCAzoning

Public participants will need to "raise their hand" to be un-muted and ask questions or make comment. GCCA Zoning's regular rules of decorum will apply.

Get involved.

As always, our meetings are public and open for anyone to attend; if you are interested in receiving email updates from the Zoning Committee, or are interested in joining when there is an opening, please email - not yet a GCCA member? Join here! Our geographic boundaries are 45th Street, Cedar Avenue, 52nd Street, and Locust.


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