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Housing Finance Agency’s “Around the House” Newsletter

One of our former Board members highly recommends the PA Housing Finance Agency’s “Around the House” Newsletter for helpful homeowner and personal financial management tips.

To view PHFA's October 2021 "Around the House" newsletter, please follow this link to their website, And then click on the “2021” button. Stories covered in this issue include:

  • Financial education is for you!

  • Fall maintenance tips

  • Top five spending tips for this holiday season

  • And more...

Past issues of PHFA's "Around the House" newsletter are saved in the newsletter section of their website.On Halloween, kids can get a free Halloween book - while they last - at 4603 Cedar Avenue at the new Garden Court Community Association Little Free Library that looks like a Georgian style home!

They can also get candy. Just don’t let the two-headed fire breathing dragon scare them off!

At any time feel free to drop off any type of good books - for kids, young adults, or adults - on the porch of 4603 Cedar Avenue. (We need more books!)


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