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GCCA Supports Remapping Bill

At its 16 October 2019 meeting, our Zoning and Development Committee voted (7-0-2) to support the Garden Court remapping bill, submitted by Councilperson Blackwell earlier this month. The committee will make write a letter of support to the City Council and its rules committee, which are expected to consider the bill in November. Since submitted, there has been discussion of a number of amendments requested by a number of parties, but an updated version has not been provided to us or made publicly available. As such, our support is limited to the bill as originally submitted, without amendments. The bill is not flawless - it both expands single-family districts that prohibit apartments and permits increased development intensity on the Spruce Street corridor - but, on balance, we believe it moves our neighborhood in the right direction. As the city updates its historic preservation ordinances, a preservation or conservation district may be an appropriate supplement to the baseline zoning that could help limit unnecessary demolition and maintain community character.

The maps below represent the existing and proposed zoning (created by the Planning Commission in March 2018). Areas outlined in black indicate where the bill changes existing zoning. You can use this link to view a guide that summarizes the various zoning districts, their use regulations and dimensional standards.

If you have questions or would like to express support or concern about the bill, you can call Councilperson Blackwell's office at (215) 686-3418.


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