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Followup from Philadelphia Police Department,18th District Zoom Meeting, Friday, January 15, 2 PM

Nicole McCoy, Commanding Officer of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Penn Police, and guest of the Garden Court Community Association Board at its upcoming monthly meeting, February 1st, wanted to share the Safety Tips that were mentioned at the Philadelphia Police Department 18th District Emergency Zoom Meeting, Friday, January 15, 2pm:

  • Leave porch lights On during overnight hours; or get Motion Detection Lighting: Helpful deterrent to criminal activity.

  • Install Doorbell Cameras (such as Ring or Nest): Doorbell camera footage can be used as evidence later.

  • Cut Bushes surrounding property (eliminating hiding spots).

  • Request City Lights in your area be repaired. (Contact 311 or the 18th District.)

  • Don’t sit idle in vehicles for extended periods: this makes you noticeable to anymore watching the area.

  • When you can avoid it, don’t walk alone; use UCD Ambassadors (215) 898-WALK,

  • What questions Police will ask when they arrive:

    • What Happened?

    • Description of the Perpetrator

    • Male/Female, Complexion, Clothing, Hair Style, Height, Weight

    • Which way did they go?

    • Were they in a car or on foot?

    • What did they take?

Also, introducing 18th district Community Relations Officers:

P/O S. Baukman (

P/O J. Harris (


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