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Curio Theatre's "A SYMPHONY FOR SAINT-GEORGES" opening March 19th NOW EXTENDED to APRIL 25th!

A multi-media, "safe" theater experience! Your personal pod (maximum of four people) will be the only ones in the theater! Limited timed tickets need to be reserved in advance. MARCH 19 — APRIL 25 (Extended!!!)

PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN DONATION. A Symphony for Saint-Georges, written and directed by Rich Bradford, is a project of the Mary Allegra Spotlight Fund. Mary was President of Garden Court Community Association and Board Member of Curio Theatre.

Born in Guadeloupe to an enslaved mother and a wealthy plantation-owner father, Joseph Bologne was once described as "the most accomplished man in France." As a champion fencer, an esteemed violinist, father, and composer, Bologne is said to have inspired musicians like Mozart. But even he was not immune to the realities of racism. His story has been buried by history.

Join us as we bring Joseph Bologne de Chevalier Saint-Georges back to life so he can tell his historic, inspiring, and under-told story.

A Symphony for Saint-Georges is a multi-disciplinary, ambulatory installation piece designed to encourage social distancing in this time of pandemic. This is a Pay-What-You-Can performance. Patrons will viscerally experience the life of Saint-Georges as they walk through five environments created by sculpture, music, projections, and set design. Our artists have been independently working on this show for months, however the piece does not involve live actors. ​The installation will run from March 19 through April 18, with varying dates and times. Patrons must make a reservation ahead of time in order to experience A Symphony. In order to ensure patrons and staff remain completely safe during the show’s run, ticket times and dates vary and are available for individual households or pods with a maximum number of four people, at 50-minute intervals. Only one group will amble through the installation at a time, so patrons must make a reservation. The next group will wait outside of the theater until the group before them has safely exited the space and it has been sanitized. There can be no late entry and groups will be let in and out by a masked front-of-house greeter. Audience members are required to wear masks at all times, as the health and safety of Curio’s staff and patrons is the first priority for the show.


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