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Curio Theatre bringing back LIVE performances to University City in 2022!! BUT ONLY IF.........

.... only if, in these COVID times, in compliance with Equity rules, Curio gets a proper ventilation system. Curio needs to rent an HVAC system at approximately $10,000 per play. The main theater is too large to ventilate. But the smaller Black Box Theatre is feasible!

Curio Theatre's "Mary Allegra Spotlight Fund" - named in honor of former GCCA President, Treasurer, and Progressive Dinner Chair, Mary Allegra - is raising money for an HVAC system. Many of you knew Mary, who passed away two years ago. You can contribute to her Fund and help bring LIVE theater back to University City!!

And you will get free gifts for doing so!! You can receive free copies of Mary's Cookbook: Come Into My Kitchen or copies of her copyrighted photographs from two of her fourteen trips to Europe. Curio Theatre will take care of shipping and handling costs, including sending cookbooks and photographs to different addresses as gifts for your friend and family!

You can help bring LIVE theater back!

You can honor Mary Allegra!

You can receive free gifts!


Please click the Button below:

And after you click the button to get to Curio's page,

be sure to check out gift choices at

"Click to get back to Gift levels" at the bottom of that page.

Thank you.


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