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Coming soon! Third annual Holiday Hunt!

Get ready for the third annual Holiday Hunt! Look for the scavenger hunt to be posted here in mid-December when the holiday decorations are up and in full swing. We want to encourage you to participate in decorating for the holidays, so before they sell out, get those lights, candy canes, icicles, and toy soldiers ready!! Last year we had more than one 10-foot tall display for the Holiday Hunters!! If the holiday lights sell out at the hardware stores as fast as the Halloween decorations this year be prepared to do some early shopping.

Let me know if you will have a specific decoration that you'd like to have added to the scavenger hunt, and then get ready to look for our light up holiday train again this year! As always, every item on the scavenger hunt IS a real decoration up in the neighborhood, so you CAN complete the whole check list! This year we will feature a fun house decoration on our blog.

A sample from the 2021 Holiday Hunt:

Happy Hunting!

VH for Greening.


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