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A Statement from the Board of Directors

The Garden Court community recently witnessed the voice of the unheard as demonstrators here in Philadelphia and across the country took to the streets to demand justice, respect, fairness, and equity for those in the Black community.  The Garden Court Community Association (GCCA) believes in the mission of Black Lives Matter, an organization committed to justice, healing, and freedom for Black people.

GCCA values all who live, work, study, and play here. Therefore, the Board of Directors of GCCA pledges:  to encourage  all people to respond to the U.S. 2020 Census; to support  voter registration and participation; to contribute  to the success of our local students; and  to shop at Black owned businesses.

The Garden Court Community Association will continue its decades-long work to foster, promote, and develop cooperation among all neighbors; to coordinate efforts to solve neighborhood problems; and to enhance the general welfare of this community.


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