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$76,000 State Grant for Improvements to Malcolm X Park!

The following is reproduced from WestPhillyLocal.

Great news for Malcolm X Memorial Park and local community advocates! The 188th District was recently awarded a state grant of over $76,000 which will be used to bring important improvements to the park. The grant will be used to repair the park gazebo, bathrooms and lighting. State Rep. Rick Krajewski, whose office worked on securing the grant, posted the following message on social media:

“If we want to fight for our young people and build a real sense of public safety for all, we need to make more investments like this one. Congrats to the Friends of Malcolm X Park! This will make a big difference for the 188th.”

Friends of Malcolm X Park is a volunteer-run group who organizes various events and activities at the park, including regular cleanups, and advocates for new resources. In recent years, the park has been home to such events as community/health fairs, outdoor theater shows by Theatre in the X, Juneteenth Festival, outdoor film screenings, and many recreational activities.

The article does not mention the annual summer Jazz Festival weekend events!

The six acre Malcolm X Park (51st to 52nd Streets, Larchwood Avenue to Pine Street) is the largest park within the Garden Court Community Association boundaries, GCCA members should consider joining and supporting

Please share this information with your neighbors


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