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Update: Proposed Development at 4701 Pine St.

The Garden Court Community Association Zoning Committee was joined by over 60 members of our community at a meeting on January 18th to discuss a proposed development project at 4701 Pine St.

Attendees heard a presentation from Mike Pestronk, CEO of Post Brothers, the owners Garden Court Plaza, and the developers on this proposed project, called Garden Court Flats.

The new development would feature 243 new residential units, built on top of the existing parking garage at Garden Court Plaza. An updated amenities space and pool for residents would replace the existing green roof on the garage. New garden plots for residents would be added to the roof of the new structure. The Post Brothers are seeking a zoning variance related to both height and density.

View the presentation by the Post Brothers here.

Community members expressed a variety of concerns, including the project's potential impact on the following:

  • Housing affordability

  • Traffic flow

  • Parking management

  • Utility load

A vote of the meeting attendees regarding support for the Post Brother's variance request resulted in 6 votes in support of the project, 47 votes opposed, and 8 not opposed.

The Post Brothers have heard our voices loud and clear and want to work with the community to address the issues raised at the meeting. They do not intend to proceed with the project without community support. As a result, their zoning application has been put on hold. GCCA Zoning Committee will be working with the Post Brothers to meaningfully address our community's concerns, especially with regards to housing affordability.

Stay tuned for more details as this project continues to develop, and thank you to everyone who attended and shared their opinion!

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