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Save the Date for the 2017 Progressive Dinner!

The Events and Fund-raising Committee has starting planning for our main fund-raising event, The Progressive Dinner. The Dinner will be held on Saturday, September 30th . The Dinner raises money for the operations of GCCA, particularly for the Cheryl Roebuck Scholarship Fund and provides capital for our other committees. This event is also a “friend-raiser”, introducing University City residents to the Garden Court Community Association and our programs.

If you have never attended the Progressive Dinner, let me explain. The dinner starts at one home where you register and a variety of appetizer are served. We generally offer 7 different entrée selections at 7 different homes, which you select when you pre-register. The entrees are usually prepared personally by the hosts and spotlight different cuisines. This year’s selections include Irish, Vegetarian and Classic Mexican. (Remember: if you want a particular cuisine or host home, please register early.) Registration information will be available in August.) After dinner, you travel to another location for desserts prepared by our committee members. This is a special experience, both for the hosts and the diners! Many of our hosts are returning this year because they had such a great time dining with their guests last year.

Early register, i.e. before September 20th is $40/members and $45/non-members. After September 20 th , the price is $50. Please remember that, by-in- large, this is NOT a catered event. The chefs need to start preparing early and last minute registrants will pay a premium. We always need volunteers to help (we could even use a new host or two).

If you are interested in the Progressive Dinner, contact me at or call 215.726.7535. I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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