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2017 GCCA Board Nominations

The GCCA Annual Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 22nd , 6:30 PM at Mosaic Church. This is the Annual General Meeting for Garden Court Community Association when we select our new Board Members. The following members are leaving the Board after serving for two terms: Malyka Sankofa, Mark Mendenhall and Kate Mills. We thank them for their service and hope they will continue to be involved with the Garden Court Community.

This year’s Nominations for the Executive Committee are current members of the Board:

  • Liz Campion - Secretary

  • Kate Farquhar – VP Communications

  • Utsav Schurman – VP Membership

Nominated for election to the Board are:

  • Chris Mejia-Smith (current member Zoning Committee

  • Sharon Kim (current member – Membership Committee)

  • Maria Delgado (returning board member)

  • Hazel Singleton (returning board member)

Per our by-laws, we will also welcome nominations to the Board from the floor at the meeting. If you are interested in Board Membership, please contact me at

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