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Vote for New Bus/Trolley Shelters in West Philly

The City of Philadelphia is working with a contractor, Intersection, to replace the existing transit shelters with a new design and to add new locations. The Philadelphia Transit Shelter Project is inviting residents to vote and provide feedback on proposed new bus and trolley shelter locations throughout the city, including West Philadelphia. Most of the existing transit shelters are in the easternmost part of University City, so this is a chance to have your say in where new shelter locations are needed.

The new locations have been picked based on the following criteria:

  • ridership

  • requests by citizens, local agencies and elected officials

  • availability of space on the sidewalk

  • proximity to hospitals

  • proximity to shopping centers

  • proximity to senior centers

  • proximity to community centers

Some of the new transit shelter locations being proposed in West Philly are at: 44th and Walnut (Bus Route 21), 48th and Spruce, 49th and Baltimore (Bus Route 64), 46th and Market (Bus Route 31), 49th and Woodland (Trolley Routes 11, 36), 52nd and Woodland, 52nd and Market (Bus Route 52).

To view all the proposed locations and to vote, go to: You can also submit your comments and propose your own transit shelter locations on the site.

Overall, 318 existing shelters will be replaced and 282 are expected to be installed in the city in the next five years (first new shelters were unveiled in November). The new shelters include glass-paneled walls, wood benches, are well-lit and equipped to potentially display digital advertising.

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