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COVID-19 Resources

Updated April 10, 2020

We’ve compiled a list of helpful links for resources and information to help you navigate the COVID-19 Pandemic:


  • Visit the City of Philadelphia's Covid-19 resource page, for information about support for residents, businesses, workers, and health care providers.

  • IF YOU NEED FOOD, please visit the City's map for a list of locations and times where free food is available.

  • Visit the School District of Philadelphia’s website for coronavirus information including on closures and where free meals are available for students

  • For information related to filing for unemployment related to COVID-19, visit the state’s COVID-19 Unemployment Resource Page

  • The Federal CARES act has made unemployment available to gig workers, contractors, and the self employed but this is not available yet (4/8). Please continue checking back for more information which should be posted soon.

  • For all other employees who would regularly be eligible for unemployment, the CARES act will provide an additional $600 per week beginning March 29th. This is on top of the regular state unemployment. If you have lost hours or pay, even if you keep your job such as being furloughed, you may be eligible for unemployment.


Head on over to the University City District for information about:


  • If you owe money to a Federal Student Loan (not a private education loan) you are eligible to freeze interest and payments through the fall of this year under the CARES act. Your loan servicer may be in touch with you if your loan qualifies. Details are being finalized but guidance should be issued by 4/10. Here is an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer which includes a lot of helpful information


  • There are no legal evictions during the COVID crisis. While the courts are shut down (except for such matters as protection from abuse, child welfare, and other critical needs) there are no legal evictions. City Council has a helpful webpage with information on housing.

Helpful tip: If you need assistance or deferred payment from a creditor such as your mortgage, credit card, or other debt, call and ask if there are programs available. Make sure you specifically state that your need for assistance is directly related to the COVID-19 crisis. Many companies have policies in place to offer assistance but only if the customer initiates and only if the customer states that it is related to COVID-19.


The city's site also includes a page specifically for people who are looking to help. Ways to help include:


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