Committee Chair: Anja Dalderup

Committee meets: 6-9 times annually


Garden Court Community Association believes that a great community must have a great community school. The Education Committee serves as advocates for our neighborhood school, the Henry C. Lea School, and works to strengthen the educational opportunities for the children of our community. 


Major Initiatives

A major focus of the Education Committee is literacy, and promoting reading as an important and fun activity. The committee currently has three programs focused on literacy:


Henry C. Lea School Tutoring Program: Approximately 20 volunteers work one-on-one with Henry C. Lea School first-graders throughout the school year, to improve their reading skills. Volunteers meet with students once a week for an hour and read with them to boost their confidence and sharpen their reading skills. The committee also provides individualized summer reading materials for the tutees to help students maintain the gains they have made during the school year. 

Book Choosing: Each spring, GCCA hosts the “Book Choosing” for approximately 60 first-graders at the Henry C. Lea School.  We provide a selection of exciting books on a variety of topics, as well as volunteers to read with students. Each student picks a book from the selection, reads it with a volunteer, and then takes the book home to add to (or start) a home library.  


“Take a Look at a Book” Program: One of our newest programs, the Take a Look at a Book program brings literacy into the neighborhood with small book nooks at HairShow and Hair Vyce on Baltimore Avenue and at the 48th Street Laundromat. Kids can read the books while they are waiting for a haircut or for their laundry as well as take the books home. We also offer fun-filled activity books at Halloween and other neighborhood events like the Dollar Stroll.


GCCA purchases books on diverse subjects but donations are always welcome! Books should be in fair condition (not dirty, torn, mildewed, or exposed to pet dander). Titles about nature, science, geography, and health are always popular as well as early readers and board books. Please consider reader-friendly typesetting and diverse subjects. 


The Cheryl Roebuck Memorial Music Scholarship: This is an annual scholarship in memory of Cheryl Roebuck, a dedicated music teacher, accomplished musician, and tireless contributor to the civic life of Garden Court. 

The scholarship is intended to supplement the musical development of qualified music students who live or attend school within Garden Court boundaries One or more awards up to a sum of $1,000 will be available annually. Click here for more details. 

Recent Education News

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